Keep your Focus on Patient Care by Outsourcing IT Support

From improving efficiency with electronic medical records (EMRs) to lowering operation costs and advancing patient care, the benefits of information technology (IT) in healthcare practices are well known.

To help clinicians and frontline staff remain focused on delivering quality healthcare, many health systems, medical practices and clinics seek a trusted partner to supplement their current IT teams, hire additional staff, or completely assume responsibility for their IT needs.

Transform the Technology Experience for Patients and Staff

As a health-centric managed service provider (MSP) and value-added reseller, we understand the complexities of managing healthcare operations. Whether we are maintaining HIPAA-compliant servers, identifying the root causes of IT issues, or generating customized metrics and reports, our comprehensive IT solutions are designed around the unique requirements and clinical workflows of hospital groups as well as medium- and large-size physician practices.

We’ll work with your organization to identify inefficiencies, close technology gaps and ensure your IT-supported healthcare systems run reliably—each and every day.

Get Unparalleled Access to Healthcare IT Expertise

We speak healthcare—it’s our sole focus. We enable the critical IT infrastructure that underpins healthcare, investing in your people and your processes while collaborating with your vendors and staff. Our IT support spans clinicians, executives, and hospital staff members—including subsets for ERs, ORs, and ICUs—as our innovative IT thought leaders work connect every person to their apps, tools, and technologies.
Man checking tablet pc as he is plugging cables into server in data center

Infrastructure Engineering

Rely on us to manage your network, servers, data storage, cloud, and backup solutions with our expert infrastructure engineering services.

Leverage our Partnerships with Technology Leaders

As a value-added reseller, Pixel Health Technology Services provides you access to the latest cutting-edge technology and confirms that you’re able to use it effectively. While we work with several partners, we have no affiliation with specific hardware platforms or software vendors to ensure we are using the most effective products. As a result, you can depend on us to provide objective recommendations and implement solutions that match your business needs.

Get Comprehensive IT Solutions for your Healthcare Organization

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