Gain Clarity with an Achievable Energy Strategy

Your hospital or health system needs more than best practices to minimize energy costs and increase sustainability practices. You need an effective long-term strategy that not only synergizes your energy programs, technologies and investments, but also advances your social and environmental commitments.

The Advantage of Partnering with a Proven Healthcare Expert

As a dedicated healthcare consultancy, our experts at Pixel Health understand the unique challenges of managing hospitals and health systems.

We tailor our solutions—aligning to your technology needs, clinical processes, and business operations—to deliver a comprehensive carbon reduction and sustainability roadmap that goes beyond energy procurement.

Take your Sustainability Efforts to the Next Level

Collaborate with Pixel Health – the only healthcare energy and sustainability consultancy that employs experts who lead the regulatory efforts of the renewable energy and sustainability industry. Whether you have already embarked on your carbon reduction journey or are just starting to explore waste reduction, renewable power options, we’ll help you make the right decisions toward decarbonizing your future. As your partner, we can:

Reduce your carbon footprint beyond your energy bill

Reimagine your renewable energy strategy with a data-driven, analytical approach. We utilize nZero, the premier carbon accounting software, to deliver an accurate picture of your current carbon sources—from energy spending to use of materials like plastic, water, and paper.

By matching your specific needs with our technology- and vendor-neutral approach, we’ll develop the right solution to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint and advance your clean energy journey.

Navigate funding opportunities and ever-changing regulations

From legal expertise to financial know-how, you’ll access decades of experience as we share the latest energy incentives and funding options. In most cases, we can help make your project cash flow positive from the start.

Throughout our partnership, you’ll stay informed on rapidly changing regulations and remain equipped to make key economic decisions that fully leverage your ROI.

Enable a reliable long-term strategy for your specific needs

Strengthen your commitment to environmental and societal improvement with a forward-looking strategy for sustainability.

Our team can help you monitor, measure and proactively identify opportunities within your healthcare operations. Together, we will streamline your environmental goals, help your organization realize new efficiencies and enhance your environmental sustainability practices.



Get a comprehensive roadmap for improving your health system’s environmental outcomes.

From analysis and financing to implementation and monitoring, we’ll make carbon reduction simple for you.

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Let’s Decarbonize Healthcare, Together.

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