Pixel Health brings original and effective technology solutions to transform health systems nationwide. The company traces its roots to 2001, when founders Michael Feld and Greg Pellerin partnered to create a technology consulting firm with the goal of simplifying technology, empowering clients to drive IT transformation for the betterment of the organization. Since then, our company found a niche in successfully helping to transform health systems and has developed into a leading healthcare focused consultancy and managed services provider dedicated to offering customized solutions to meet a health system’s unique needs. Our passion is to develop and implement processes and technologies that make the delivery of care better for patients and providers alike.  


With decades of combined HIT experience the Pixel Health leadership team has collaborated with healthcare systems and their IT services to provide exemplary care.
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Work Life

Pixel Health has been known as an innovator and leader because of the people who work here; from a highly tenured executive management team to individual contributors.
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A Dedicated Team of HIT Professionals

Headquartered in Holyoke, Massachusetts, Pixel Health has provided IT consultation and support services to over 45 healthcare institutions over the past 13 years, and currently supports more than 25,000 endpoints and 30,000 users for day-to-day support needs. Pixel Health is a healthcare-centric consulting practice that is uniquely equipped to assist in successfully charting a course through transformational processes of many types, including outsourcing IT support. Pixel Health combines a unique mix of high-level strategic leaders alongside our technical engineers and specialists to provide an unparalleled level of support to our healthcare clients. 

Our team consists of clinical, operational, managerial, and administrative healthcare professionals who have served as CIOs, CTOs, CMOs, and CFOs within hospital settings as well as senior leaders with many years of experience in non-healthcare industries. This mix of capabilities allows Pixel Health to leverage successful practices from other industries and relate them directly to the unique aspects associated with healthcare. The Pixel Health ratio of clinical/administrative staff to infrastructure architects, engineers, and IT support specialists is significantly higher than many other consultancies. 

Consulting Services
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A Proven Model

In 2018, after providing years of comprehensive services to healthcare organizations, a first-of-its-kind independent joint venture between Baystate Health and Pixel Health formed BaytechIT, a healthcare focused managed service provider. Today BaytechIT is solely owned by Pixel Health and operates under our Technology Services unit. Pixel Health Technology Services continues to support Baystate Health as well as many other healthcare organizations enabling them to leverage cutting-edge technology and streamline their IT infrastructure to improve outcomes.  
Technology Services
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Transforming Data into Insights

Advancing healthcare technology requires understanding the unique, time-critical challenges of the industry. Pixel Health serves as a focused and expert provider, enabling the critical IT infrastructure that meets the unique needs of the clinical environmentOur custom datasets power our capabilities to deliver higher performance in response times, help close technical gaps, implement faster processes, and show efficiencies for better outcomes. These insights also allow us to take a proactive approach and start to identify trends and key issues that can be resolved with training and/or other innovative solutions.

Legacy of Industry Leadership

Pixel Health has worked with industry leading organizations like the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) to assist in developing the HIMSS Analytics Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM). INFRAM maps a health system’s technology infrastructure capabilities, sets industry benchmarks and standards, and helps organizations in constructing a roadmap to support a paperless environment. Pixel Health is a leading INFRAM consultant, in the past 36 months Pixel Health has conducted over 25 infrastructure assessments at healthcare institutions across North America. The challenges and problems presented, and the unique solutions generated as a result, have impacted both the institutions and the healthcare industry as a whole. Global hardware and software manufacturers like Cisco, Juniper, VMware, and HPE have credited Pixel Health with helping to shape their healthcare models, providing the company with unparalleled access to executive, sales, and engineering resources. Pixel Health continues to advise HIMSS Analytics on the direction of INFRAM and is currently working to develop INFRAM 2.0.  

Maximize Your Value with a Trusted Partner

With technology solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of a health system, you can offload the burden of managing and maintaining infrastructure and systems and focus on the core of your organization continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare technology. Our founding principle to simplify technology still holds true today and together, we can create solutions that transform your possibility into reality

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