Pixel Health is the number one consultancy globally performing HIMSS’ INFRAM assessments.  Our proprietary INFRAM+™ methodology synthesizes infrastructure improvements with digital end-user strategies to improve outcomes for patients, families, and staff.  In addition to empowering IT professionals to be a part of the care team, INFRAM+™ brings clinicians and executive leadership into the IT decision making process, providing them with critical understanding of the technology that supports care delivery and business workflows.

The INFRAM+™ process provides a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s current state







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Data Center Operations

Our healthcare and IT experts provide a report detailing recommended technology changes to directly influence patient care. The report is then transformed into a systematized roadmap for purchasing and implementing solutions to support desired outcomes.

INFRAM+ is a streamlined, cost-effective approach to getting the most out of your IT.  Healthcare delivery organizations benefit from:

  • ~2 months of data collection by Pixel Health
  • Minimal impact to your technical team
  • Assessments tailored to your unique environment and organization’s strategic plan
  • A clear, comprehensive plan for future technology investments
  • Clinical outcomes directly linked to IT initiatives, enabling consensus across multiple functional disciplines
  • A roadmap that drives ongoing people, process, and technology management to achieve shared goals

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